Young Business Leaders' Initiative

The New Zealand Aid Programme helps to deliver on four flagship programmes which lie at the heart of the New Zealand commitment to ASEAN. The four flagships are:

These flagships reflect New Zealand's support for the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) and demonstrate New Zealand's firm commitment to the Joint Comprehensive Partnership between New Zealand and ASEAN.

New Zealand's estimated Official Development Assistance for these flagships is forecast to reach NZ$120 million over the period July 2011 to June 2015.

Why Young Business Leaders?

The New Zealand business environment is one of the most user-friendly in the world, with South East Asia being a growing supplier to - and market for - new Zealand goods and services and New Zealand is keen to strengthen business links with its ASEAN neighbours. Moreover, as ASEAN edges closer to its aim of an ASEAN Economic community by 2015, New Zealand can help build up ASEAN's business network and strengthen its members' capacity to build a strong position for ASEAN in the global marketplace.

The ASEAN Young Business Leaders' Initiative (YBLI) will cover all ten ASEAN Member States. Over the three years of the YBLI, we aim to bring up to 50 young ASEAN business leaders to New Zealand to enhance their exposure to New Zealand business and build skills to further the advancement of their home economies.


The YBLI plans to build the skills of young ASEAN business leaders to contribute to the development of their home economies and the ASEAN-New Zealand business relationship. The aim of the YBLI is to support the establishment of lasting and progressive trade and business relationships with New Zealand that advance the future of ASEAN-New Zealand relations.

How will the Young Business Leadership Initiative be implemented?

Each year, for three years, young business leaders from each of the ten ASEAN countries have an opportunity to travel to New Zealand at New Zealand government expense.

The YBLI is being implemented by the Asia New Zealand Foundation. The Foundation is a public-private trust, core funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade(MFAT), whose mission is developing New Zealanders knowledge of Asia. It operates a range of programmes, including in the business and education sectors. It has been given the contract to deliver the ASEAN YBLI by MFAT with both organisations involved in overseeing implementation.  New Zealand's diplomatic missions in ASEAN countries will also be involved in the process, from advice on elements of the YBLI to identification of potential candidates for selection.

The YBLI will consist of individually tailored visits of about 10 days in length, designed to meet the needs of individual tailored visits of about 10 days in length, designed to meet the needs of individual candidates.


Over NZ$1.3 million has been allocated for the three year period, 2011/12 - 2013/14.