New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars

Four flagship programmes lie at the heart of New Zealand's commitment to ASEAN. The four flagships are:

These flagships reflect New Zealand’s support for the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) and demonstrate New Zealand's firm commitment to the Joint Comprehensive Partnership between New Zealand and ASEAN.

New Zealand's estimated investment for these flagships is forecast to reach NZ$120 million over the period July 2011 to June 2015.

Why New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars?

New Zealand education institutions and facilities are world class and an internationally recognised New Zealand qualification can open up new and exciting opportunities.

New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars will offer up to 180 scholarship awards per year allocated across the member countries of ASEAN.


New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars awards will empower individuals with knowledge, skills and qualifications to contribute to the economic, social and political development within the ASEAN nations.

How will the New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars flagship be implemented?

While the management of the awards varies from country to country according to individual needs, the process for selecting candidates takes place in-country, with New Zealand Embassy and partner government input on the selection process as appropriate. There is a regional moderation process that ensures transparency and impartiality in the allocation of awards.

Scholarship awards are predominantly for post-graduate study in priority sectors according to each country's priority needs. This includes but not limited to the sector interests of the flagships. Priority is given to younger applicants as well as to those who demonstrate academic excellence and leadership potential.

A Country Portfolio, setting out thematic, sector or geographical priorities is agreed between the relevant New Zealand Embassy and partner government. This ensures that scholarships are targeted toward the highest priority areas and candidates.

The first New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars candiates commenced study in New Zealand in the 2012 academic year.


$NZ44 million has been allocated for the scheme over the 2011/12 - 2013/14 period.