Research reports

Commissioned Strategic Research

In 2012 the New Zealand Aid Programme will establish a new programme of strategic research that will work collaboratively alongside the programme of strategic evaluations. The new programme will see one or two key pieces of strategic research commissioned annually.

These research projects will contribute to a body of knowledge around key areas of strategic interest that can help inform the direction, objectives and activities of the New Zealand Aid Programme across the medium and long term.

Priority research topics will be identified by MFAT and commissioned annually in accordance with MFAT procurement guidelines. A structured process will be undertaken on an annual basis to identify priority strategic knowledge needs across the New Zealand Aid Programme. This process will help inform and guide the development of multi-year work programmes for strategic research and evaluation. Further information will be provided on these work programmes when available.

In conducting the research, collaboration between NGOs, academics or researchers and the private sector will be encouraged.

Completed reports

Sustainable Development in the Pacific and the Role of the New Zealand Private Sector
Oxfam New Zealand | March 2013

Four case studies of New Zealand businesses working in the Pacific were highlighted.  When combined with intentional strategies to support sound development outcomes, there is the potential for New Zealand businesses to scale-up their investment and make a significant contribution to sustainable development in the Pacific.

Full Report (PDF, 797 kb)

Public-private not-for-profit partnerships for development
World Vision | June 2013

Five case studies of successful partnerships are highlighted in the report, concluding there is no standard model for partnerships.   Good communications and trust are vital to their success, long-term sustainability is difficult but not impossible.

Full Report(PDF, 4.4MB)

The relevance of aquaponics to the New Zealand Aid Programme, particularly in the Pacific
Hambrey Consulting | December 2013

The research explored whether and how aquaponics may be relevant to the New Zealand Aid Programme, particularly in the Pacific.  Finds show that aquaponics is a complex, high-risk technology which is unlikely to be a feasible solution to either food security or economic development needs in the Pacific.

Full Report (PDF, 2.4MB)

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International Development Research Fund (IDRF)

From 2006 – 2010 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade made available the International Development Research Fund (IDRF) to support independent research that was likely to improve development policy and practice.

The fund was open to New Zealand based researchers carrying out research in partnership with researchers from developing countries. Research supported by the fund was chosen for its focus on advancing development policy, practice and outcomes in developing countries, and for its relevance to the New Zealand development community and partner countries.

The IDRF funding scheme finished in 2011, and the research function was replaced by the new Strategic Evaluation and Research Programme

The completed IDRF Research reports are available for viewing and download below. These reports were produced and published independently and do not necessarily represent the views of the Ministry.


Sharing the Riches of Tourism in Vanuatu
Dr Regina Scheyvens and Matt Russell | Massey University | 2013
Full Report (PDF, 2MB)

The Significance of Urban Agriculture in Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods in Response to Economic Restructuring in Zambia's Copperbelt Province
Dr Tony Binns and Dr Etienne Nel | University of Otago | March 2013
Full Report (PDF, 1.74MB)

Placing the Pacific in the Global Economy: Carving Sustainable Niches for Economic Development
Dr Warwick Murray and Dr John Overton | Victoria University of Wellington | July 2012
Full Report (PDF, 2.31MB)

Assessment of biogeochemical mercury cycling: Sekotong artisanal mining area, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (WNT) Province, Indonesia
Dr Chris Anderson I Massey University I 2010
Full Report (PDF, 2.70MB)

Researching SWAps in Pacific Education: A study of experiences in Solomon Islands and Tonga
Dr Eve Coxon I University of Auckland I March 2011
Full Report (PDF, 1.61MB)

Fiji Eye Health Survey
Fred Hollows Foundation I December 2010
Journal Articles:

Improving yields and fertilizer efficiency in the South Pacific
Dr Jeff Reid I Wyldam Enterprises Ltd I December 2009
Full Report (PDF, 1MB)

Sharing the Riches of Tourism: Exploring How Tourism Can Contribute More Effectively to Poverty Alleviation in the Pacific
Dr Regina Scheyvens I Massey University
Literature Review I August 2009 (PDF, 595KB)
Summary Report I March 2010 (PDF, 2.45MB)

Control of Parasites in Ruminant Livestock
Dr Robin McFarlane I Lincoln University I September 2011
Full Report (PDF, 887KB)

Rugby League as a Tool for Development in Papua New Guinea
Dr Rochelle Stewart-Withers I Massey University 
Literature Review (PDF, 221KB) I TBC