Emerging Women Leaders Programme

Salamasina-Tausala o Samoa is part of the Emerging Pacific Women’s Leadership Programme, supported by New Zealand, Australia, the United States and the World Bank. It is building women’s economic empowerment and public leadership capacity in 12 Pacific countries through improving women’s formal labor force participation, increasing women’s opportunities to engage in entrepreneurship, and increasing younger Pacific women’s leadership. The New Zealand Aid Programme has contributed US$800,000 to the Emerging Pacific Women’s Leadership Programme overall and AUD$25,000 to Salamasina-Tausala o Samoa through Vital Voices.

Salamasina-Tausala o Samoa was founded by four women who recognised that unemployment among women in Samoa is a growing issue and a contributing factor to other problems in Samoan society.

Salamasina-Tausala o Samoa is a capability building programme focused on empowering unemployed women who have received little formal education. The initiative builds on the skills and knowledge women already possess and are applying to everyday tasks (for example housekeeping, cooking, childcare and basic safety) and enable them to deliver professional domestic services for which they can get paid.

Samoa’s Prime Minister, Hon. Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi says the programme has drawn support from the Government, the Congregational Christian Church, potential employers and the private sector.

“The initiative of the Salamasina Tausala o Samoa … is an important addition to the collective efforts by the government, private sector, the church and civil society to promote and support the women in development and empowerment of women objectives that form a key pillar of the Government’s Strategy for the Development of Samoa.”

“Looking through the courses offered, the concentration on basic skills for women that both improvement employment, marketability as well as home and family life, already ensures that there will be added value to the futures of the participants in the programme,” he added.

Salamasina Tausala o Samoa will be conducted over 12 weeks; eight weeks of in-house facilitation and four weeks of practical attachments. The first cohort consists of 24 women and girls who will be offered the opportunity to be trained in five major components:  Values and Ethics, Effective Housekeeping, Basic Home & Commercial Industry Cleaning, Use and Maintenance of Electrical Appliances, and Basic Safety & Family Care.   

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