March 2012 Development stories

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Tokelau: a leading light in renewable energy

An innovative renewable energy project is set to transform Tokelau, and lead the world in transitioning from dependence on fossil-fuels to renewable energy.

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Helen Clark (UNDP) and Michel Sidibé (UNAIDS) visit NZ

The Head of UNAIDS, Mr Michel Sidibé and Helen Clark, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), visited New Zealand in early March to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS.

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Strengthening Samoa’s Revenue Ministry

Along with the Governments of Samoa and Australia, New Zealand is playing a big part in supporting change in Samoa’s Ministry of Revenue.
The aim is to strengthen Samoa’s potential tax base through improved compliance, better client service, and consistent policy advice on the reform of Samoa’s tax structure through the Institutional Strengthening Programme (ISP).

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Coaching Pacific businesses to success

The Pacific Business Mentoring programme, run by Business Mentors New Zealand, encourages Kiwi volunteers to use their business acumen and experience to help small and medium-sized businesses grow in the Pacific.

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Emerging Women Leaders Programme

Salamasina-Tausala o Samoa is a Capability Building programme focused on empowering Samoan women who have received little formal education. The initiative builds on the skills and knowledge women already possess and are applying to everyday tasks (for example housekeeping, cooking, childcare and basic safety) and enables to them to deliver professional domestic services for which they can get paid.

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World Bank, the ADB visit Wellington

In March the regional Vice Presidents from the World Bank and the Asia Development Bank (ADB) visited Wellington to meet with Ministry staff working on the New Zealand Aid Programme, and Government Ministers.

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WISE Women open new office in Nuku'alofa

Setting up an organisation specifically to support Tongan women in business was “a challenging and exciting journey culminating in the establishment of Women in Sustainable Enterprises (WISE),” President Robina Nakao told the first Annual General Meeting of WISE Tonga Inc. in March.

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