January 2012 Development stories

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New medical facilities to boost economic opportunities for i-Kiribati

The Government of Kiribati has entered into a partnership arrangement with New Zealand to establish new laboratory and x-ray facilities at the Kiribati Marine Training Centre (MTC). The MTC’s medical clinic conducts medical clearances for the placement of i-Kiribati seamen on vessels, for the Regional Seasonal Employers (RSE) scheme and for other visa applications.

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Latest step toward sustainable pearl farming in Cook Islands

Two documents providing pearl farmers and local technicians access to $NZ1.5million of New Zealand Aid Programme funds were signed by the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, and local partners in the Cook Islands this month. Administered under the Pearl Production Credit Scheme (PPCS), these funds will finance pearl farm production requirements.

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NZ continues to support development in remote Vanuatu

The New Zealand Aid Programme continues to support the work of New Zealand Children’s Health and Education Trust (NZCHET) a small New Zealand-based NGO that makes a tangible difference to the lives of people in the remote islands of Vanuatu.

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Supporting Financial Literacy and Business Training in Vanuatu

New Zealand has signed a Grant Funding Arrangement with the National Bank of Vanuatu (NBV) to support Financial Literacy and Business training in rural Vanuatu.

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SurfAid completes major tsunami recovery work

One of the New Zealand Aid Programme's partners is SurfAid, which receives funding from us to carry out its mission to improve the health, well-being and self-reliance of people living in isolated regions connected to them through surfing. After an intense year of work, SurfAid has completed the major projects of its Tsunami Recovery Program in the Mentawai Islands since the 25 October 2010 disaster.

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Children’s books bound for Solomon Islands

Thanks to an initiative by Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) volunteer Laurie Williams, more than 500 children’s books are on their way to Etemwarore School in the Solomon Islands. Laurie's VSA assignment in the Solomon Islands is funded by the New Zealand Aid programme.

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New Zealand gives boost to Cook Islands Public Service

Late last month the Cook Islands Government and the New Zealand Government signed an agreement in which the New Zealand Aid Programme will deliver a $3 million programme of assistance to the Cook Islands Public Service over three years.

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