February 2012 Development stories

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Vakameasina training extended for RSE employees

After a successful two-year Pilot of the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Worker Training programme, the New Zealand Aid Programme has signed a contract with Fruition Horticulture to extend the training for a further three years.

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Supporting sustainable youth employment in Sri Lanka

In March 2011 Childfund New Zealand received around NZ$300,000 of funding from the New Zealand Aid Programme for a project to create sustainable economic development opportunities for youth in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.

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Uruguayan scientist benefits from short term training award

To enhance the knowledge and skill base of Latin American development agencies and government departments, New Zealand offers Short Term Training Awards (STTA) to several Latin American countries, including Uruguay, every year.
Noelia (Maria) Casco from Uruguay was a recent recipient of a Short Term Training Award, studying and working with fellow scientists at AgResearch, New Zealand

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New Zealand provides further assistance following Fiji floods

Acting New Zealand Head of Mission to Fiji, Phillip Taula, has announced that New Zealand will make a further FJ$2.2 million available for disaster preparedness following the devastating floods which have affected the whole of the Fiji Group; in particular the Western and Northern Divisions.

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New Zealand Ambassador to Thailand launches new scholarship programme

For nearly 15 years New Zealand has been the key donor at the Mekong Institute, based at Thailand’s Khon Kaen University, which provides advanced training to students from the Greater Mekong Sub-region.

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New Zealand supports rehabilitation of facilities at Port Vila

Vanuatu government Ministers signed an agreement with the New Zealand High Commission this month, which will see the rehabilitation of key tourism infrastructure in Port Vila.

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Supporting South Africa’s wool industry

$1.2 million has been committed to supporting South Africa’s wool industry to improve skills and increase incomes in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal provinces.

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Literacy booklet to fill gap in Eastern Cape schools

The New Zealand High Commission in South Africa has provided a $50,000 grant for 18,000 copies of a new literacy booklet, Developing Independent Writers and Readers in Foundation Phase Classes.

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