Welcome to New Zealand, a place that truly embraces new thinking

It’s a place where higher education focuses on the individual, where challenges to traditional ideas are welcomed, where a climate of healthy, open debate helps you make your own discoveries.

New Zealand is a very open and welcoming place. People in many different fields are happy to share their expertise with you and the relationships you form here will shape your future. It’s a place where collaboration sparks innovation and entrepreneurial minds can thrive.

This new perspective on learning is the very foundation of our higher education system.  It’s what gives our institutions, and the graduates who emerge from them, an advantage in the global marketplace. The qualifications and skills you gain here will be recognised and highly respected throughout the world.

When you study in New Zealand you’ll learn to Think New, like we do.

Higher education

Our higher education system is on the leading edge of current trends and up to date with what’s happening globally. In fact, academics and teachers from many different countries choose to study and work in New Zealand to take advantage of our new thinking. It’s also why large numbers of students from all over the world come here.

New Zealand qualifications are highly regarded internationally, and our programmes are designed with this in mind. Global best practice is our minimum standard. New Zealand maintains close and meaningful links with the rest of the world. You will be surprised at how well connect you are when it’s time to spread your wings.

New Zealand is an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to earn a highly valued, internationally recognised tertiary qualification. You can study everything from short trade courses to specialised, high-powered, research based Master degrees.

New Zealand Scholarships

A number of scholarships are available to assist international students to study in New Zealand.

Scholarships are available to citizens from selected developing countries to undertake vocational training or tertiary level study in New Zealand, or in the Pacific region.

New Zealand Scholarships empower scholars with the knowledge, skills and qualifications to contribute to the economic, social and political development of your country.

New Zealand offers a range of qualifications including new one year Master options. For more information, see

Education is vital to the New Zealand Aid Programme's mission of supporting sustainable development in order to reduce poverty and contribute to a more secure, equitable and prosperous world.

Are you interested in studying in New Zealand? With a New Zealand Scholarship, you will gain a world class education.

Eligible countries/regions

Frequently Asked Questions

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