Pacific Island Countries Participation Fund

The following guidelines provide information about the Pacific Island Countries Participation Fund (PIC Fund), a contestable fund managed by the New Zealand Aid Programme.

The PIC Fund guidelines provide a transparent and consistent basis for preparing, submitting and appraising competing requests.

The countries within the scope of the programme are: the Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, French Polynesia, the Fiji Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, New Caledonia, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, the Republic of Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Wallis and Futuna, and Tokelau.

Objective of the programme

The objective of the PIC Fund is to increase attendance by Pacific Island citizens at regional and international conferences, where their attendance will strengthen ownership of regional and international development processes.

The designated conference must be consistent with the strategic outcomes as set out in the New Zealand Aid programme's policy statement. These strategic outcomes include:

  • Investing in economic development
  • Promoting human development
  • Improving resilience and responding to disasters
  • Building safe and secure communities.

Eligible activities

The PIC Fund will support applications from organisations only (legally incorporated bodies). Organisations should include a copy of their: certificate of corporation, constitution, and latest annual financial statements with their application.

The type of activities supported under this programme will meet the broad programme objective as stated above. Eligible activities may include or contribute to the following:

  • improving interaction and agreement between Pacific island countries and institutions
  • assisting Pacific island countries to implement international agreements
  • capacity building for sustainable institutional development
  • promoting gender-equitable participation and access
  • contributing to enhancing government, non-government organisations and private sector interaction
  • improving decision-making processes.

Non-eligible activities

As a general rule, funding will not be available for:

  • capital expenditure
  • commercial or profit-making activities
  • faith-based or non-secular activities
  • events that are part of the core work programme of Pacific regional organisations or that relate to the delivery of specific projects by Pacific Regional organisations, e.g. recurrent key platforms, conferences or training workshops.

Selection criteria

Applicants should consider the following before submitting proposals:

  • venue | New Zealand-hosted and regional meetings in the Pacific will take priority
  • type of meeting | meetings and workshops should have well-defined objectives
  • meeting subject | key sectors for funding must fit with the New Zealand Aid Programme's policy and programme foci (for example: economic development, human rights, education, health, environment, disaster preparedness, and governance)
  • participants | participants must have relevant background and experience in the issues under discussion
  • dissemination | a key element in the selection of proposals is the capacity of the participant to disseminate what they have gained from the meeting across the organisation, country and the region.


Funding may cover all or some of the cost of travel, accommodation, meal allowances and conference fees. Contributions from participants or sending institutions to the costs can be an important signal of commitment. It should be noted, the PIC Fund is a 'reimburseable' fund. Funds cannot be provided before the meeting/conference. Payments made are based on actual amounts spent (up to the amount agreed on in the Contribution Towards Expenses letter) and are based on the receipts that are submitted with the invoice following the conference.

The costs of hosting the meeting should be separated out from any costs relating to funding Pacific Island participants' attendance. Only the costs associated with attendance can be met through this fund.

Information on MFAT per diems payable overseas can be found on this website and used for estimating budgets. The New Zealand meal allowance totals are NZ$80.00 a day (breakfast NZ$20.00, lunch NZ$15.00, dinner NZ$35.00, incidentals NZ$10.00). In addition Pacific island country participants staying in New Zealand may claim accommodation at cost up to NZ$150.00 + GST a night per person.

The rates for the countries outside New Zealand show the accommodation and meal allowance as one total figure.


Applicants should note:

  • the PIC Fund assessment panel meets in the last week of the months listed on the left hand side below. Applications need to be submitted by the following dates to be considered for that month's round so, as part of the appraisal process, overseas posts and other organisations can be consulted as required:

    Application deadlines

    August 1 August 2015
    November 1 November 2015
  • applications must be for events occurring at least two months after the closing date for applications to allow time for the assessment and contracting process. For example the February round will fund events beginning in April or later, the June round will fund events beginning in August, and so forth.
  • applicants will be advised of the outcome within approximately one month of the closing date of the funding round
  • if approved a Contribution Towards Expenses letter will be prepared. No financial commitment should be made until the terms of the Letter are agreed and the contract issued
  • application forms should be emailed to . If an application is submitted as a pdf file please also include a Word version of the form. If it is not possible to submit your application by email please send it to:

    The Programme Manager, PIC Participation Fund
    New Zealand Aid Programme
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
    Private Bag 18-901
    Wellington 5045
    New Zealand

   Fax: +64 4 439 7166


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