New Zealand Partnerships for International Development Fund

Our development investment should make a very real and positive difference for people in need, their families and communities in developing countries. We want to show measurable, positive changes to their quality of life. The Partnerships Fund has been established to harness the expertise and innovation of New Zealand charitable, other not-for-profit, private sector and state sector organisations in the delivery of aid activities in developing countries.

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The Partnerships Fund is:

  • a multi-sector contestable fund
  • focused on sustainable economic development in a developing country
  • constructed around forming partnerships with New Zealand organisations who work with local in-country partners on aid activities.
  • available to fund activities which align with the strategic focus and sector priorities of the New Zealand Aid Programme.

Partnerships for International Development Fund | FactSheet (PDF 188kb)

How do Partnerships Fund rounds work?

The Partnerships Fund application process

  • Accreditation
  • Submission of Concept applications
  • Concept application appraisal
  • Decision making by External Panel
  • Developing the Activity Design Document if successful
  • Activity Design Document appraisal and decision
  • Contracting and implementation


All non-government and private sector applicants must be accredited to apply to the Partnerships Fund. The accreditation application form is available here.  Applicants should allow up to four weeks for their accreditation application to be processed.

Partnership Fund Guidelines

Before making a decision to apply to the Partnerships Fund, please read the full Partnerships Fund guidelines. The guidelines provide detailed information about who may apply to the fund, the scope and priorities of the fund, and the application process. 

Proposed changes to the Fund announced 17 February 2015

The Partnerships and Funds team is currently engaging stakeholders on proposed changes to the Partnerships Fund.

The changes align the Fund with the New Zealand Aid Programme’s draft strategic plan (2015/16-2018/19) promoting a stronger thematic and sharper geographic focus to achieve development outcomes in countries where New Zealand has strategic interests, and in sectors where we can achieve impact linked to what New Zealanders are good at.

Changes to the Fund eligibility criteria will come into effect for Round 7 (16 September 2015). For information on the proposed changes please email queries to .

Partnerships Fund workshops 2015

The Partnerships and Funds Team at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade would like to advise that the Partnerships Workshops 2015 are now confirmed for Auckland 23 April and Wellington 1 May.

These workshops provide opportunity for new and existing partners in the state, non-government and private sector to engage with us on working in development with the New Zealand Aid Programme. The workshop programme includes an update on the NZ Aid Programme Strategic Plan 2015/16-2018/19. Please find below a link to the workshop programme.

To register to attend please contact

Design workshop

A Partnerships Fund Round Five Design workshop was held in Wellington on 4 February 2015 to support partners with developing activity design documents. The following presentations were given at the workshop.

Support in applying to the Partnerships Fund

We encourage organisations considering applying to the fund to get in touch with the Partnerships and Funds Team at an early stage to discuss their proposed concept.  Please email us via . Organisations should also utilise their own New Zealand and in-country networks to identify and discuss the concept with relevant stakeholders.

We are also able to review draft concept applications and provide high level feedback. Drafts should be in close to final stage format, including a completed high level budget section. Please submit a draft to us as early as possible – by 2 March 2015 for applications to Round 6 of the fund. Please note that decisions are made by the independent IDASP panel and this support will not necessarily lead to an application’s success.

Important dates 2015

2 February, 5pm close-off date for receipt of accreditation prior to round 6

2 March, 5pm close-off date for receipt of draft concept note applications for feedback prior to round 6

18 March, 5pm closing date for round 6 Partnerships Fund applications

16 September, 5pm closing date for round 7 Partnerships Fund applications


For any queries please contact the Partnerships and Funds team on