Strategic Evaluation Work Programme and Reports

The strategic evaluation work programme delivers in-depth, independent evaluations of sectors, programmes and issues to support New Zealand Aid Programme-wide strategy and policy development, high-level operational decision-making and learning.  

Current strategic evaluations

Evaluation of New Zealand's fisheries sector work in the Pacific

A strategic evaluation of the New Zealand Aid Programme’s support for Pacific fisheries from 2003-2010.  Focuses on the impacts of New Zealand support and whether stated objectives have been met.  The evaluation will include advice and recommendations for on-going support of the fisheries programme.

Targeted completion: early 2014

Lessons learned in supporting taxation reform in the Pacific

Looks at lessons learned from donor assistance in reform of government taxation collection in the Pacific over the past ten years.  The evaluation will provide insights into reform in Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Samoa and Tonga in particular.  Findings will inform future improvements in the design and delivery of tax reform programmes in the Pacific.

Targeted completion: early 2014

Infrastructure work in the Pacific

The evaluation will identify key lessons from past infrastructure work by the New Zealand Aid Programme and AusAID in the Pacific.  Findings will guide New Zealand’s expanding investment in Pacific infrastructure.

Targeted completion: late 2014

Completed evaluations

Evaluation and Research of Police Work Funded Under the New Zealand Aid Programme

An evaluation of police work funded by the New Zealand Aid Programme from 2005-2011.  The evaluation found improvements in community safety and a particular strength in community policing.  It recommended building on these successes to increase the effectiveness of police support.