Evaluation of Children and Youth in Conflict with the Law Project

Date | November 2008
NZ Aid Programme | Solomon Islands


By way of background, Children and Youth in Conflict with the Law was a three-year project (2006-2009) implemented in Solomon Islands by Save the Children Australia. Although NZAID funded Save the Children New Zealand for this project, the report did not indicate the level of funding provided. The project's goal was to enhance the quality of justice for children and youth in conflict with the law. Its activities included: establishing and supporting crime prevention committees; increasing awareness about child rights; increasing awareness among young people of the consequences of risk-taking behaviour; providing input into legislation with implications for children; and promoting diversion and the reintroduction of probation as sentences.

Purpose and Objectives

The evaluation's purpose was to compare achievements to planned objectives and outputs, look at the effect of the outputs on the targeted participants and stakeholders, and to identify enabling and constraining factors and issues to inform future programming. The evaluation's approach was to review project and other relevant documentation, undertake semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders in NZAID, Save the Children, the justice sector in SI, hold focus group discussions in communities and with juvenile detainees, and to visit three project sites.

Main Findings

The evaluation's findings were that few children passed through the formal justice system, and that the project was increasingly focusing on community-based crime prevention. Although the evaluation noted a number of activities for each objective, it was unable to report on any substantive results or impacts due to lack of sound data. The project had been affected by a great deal of management change.


Evaluation recommendations included the need for improved problem analysis at the project identification phase; development of an effective monitoring system; ensuring appropriate staffing levels; development and maintenance of robust project documentation; development and use of a risk management system, and identifying the implications of multiple management levels in the project.


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