The New Zealand Aid Programme is the New Zealand Government's international aid and development programme managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


A New Zealand-funded Bailey bridge has opened for traffic in Honiara – restoring a vital transport link to Chinatown that was destroyed in April’s devastating flooding in Solomon Islands. 
Bridge 2 - Honiara
Bailey Bridge, Honiara
A former New Zealand and United Kingdom Government Statistician says it is more possible now than ever before to create effective regional leadership of statistics in the Pacific. Len Cook, who provides pro-bono support to the Pacific Statistics Steering Committee, expressed this at a recent Wellington gathering of national statistics office heads from around the Pacific.
Prime time for statistics leadership in the Pacific
Len Cook (front) with Simil Johnson (middle) and Mark Feary (back)
The success of Vanuatu’s Millenium Cave Tours, with support from Volunteer Service Abroad and the New Zealand Aid Programme, has led to better access to education on Santo Island. In February, the Millennium Cave School Project celebrated the opening of a new local school, which will serve all eight villages in the area.Previously, children faced several hours’ walk to reach their nearest school, which was founded by Millenium Cave Tours manager...
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