The New Zealand Aid Programme is the New Zealand Government's international aid and development programme managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Fairtrade ANZ launched its Good Governance Training Module for Small Farmer Organisations in Goroka, Papua New Guinea, in late 2014. The training was designed in collaboration with Pacific farmers, and focuses on good governance practices such as transparency and accountability.
Sakabo Melong Pacific Farmer
A farmer at the Fairtrade ANZ Good Governance Training Module in Goroka in the PNG highlands. Photo...
New Zealand will contribute USD $7.5 million to the Clinton Health Access Initiative which aims to combat chronic infant malnutrition and increase farmer incomes in Rwanda and Ethiopia.The funding will see New Zealand partnering with Clinton Health Access to strengthen agricultural cooperatives and provide technical assistance.
CHAI team with family of maize growers
The CHAI team with families who have grown the maize. 
Five new wharves financed by New Zealand, Australia, Solomon Islands and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) are set to improve shipping services and reduce barriers to business for Solomon Islanders.  The wharves will allow better access to jobs and opportunities for private sector investment, as well as improving access to copra and cocoa markets.
Susobona wharf 1
Susobona wharf
The New Zealand Aid Programme is supporting small island developing states in Africa and the Caribbean by helping them develop their geothermal energy sectors. Clean, affordable, reliable energy services are essential for sustainable economic development, however, small island countries can find it difficult to attract private sector investment in the development of renewable energy sources.
Geothermal story 2014 cropped
Surface exploration team to scale a section of the volcano to discuss progress
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